Are Bathroom Renovations Worth the Investment?

Whether you call it a “loo”, a “washroom” or a “bathroom”, you’re probably wondering when it’s time to renovate one of the most important rooms in your home. Maybe your bathroom is stuck in the last few decades and the peeling wallpaper is starting to bother you. Or perhaps you simply want to modernize your bathroom into a relaxing spa. Spending your home renovation budget dollars on a bathroom might not seem exciting, but once you know what a great return you’ll get for your bathroom renovations, it starts to make more sense.

Reasons to Start Your Bathroom Renovations


  1. Your Guests Will Thank You

Do you like to entertain? Don’t make your guests cram into a tiny, dated powder room. Give them an area fit for royalty. Your general contractor can work with you on style and design choices, and can make sure that the finishes and tile work of your bathroom renovations flow nicely with the rest of your main living area. It’s important to remember that your bathroom isn’t only seen by you, but also by the everyday guests that visit your home.


  1. Raise Your Home’s Value

If you’re putting money into your house because you’re getting ready to sell, potential buyers will be spending a lot of their time scouring your bathrooms at the open house. New homeowners would prefer not to have to work overtime and spend extra cash on a new bathroom. It’s estimated that a large portion of the money spent on bathroom renovations – over 60% – goes back into the pockets of the homeowners once they sell the house. Most buyers max out their budget to get the house they want, so don’t diminish your chances on the market by offering a house that isn’t up to the current standards.


  1. Create a Peaceful Escape

There’s nothing better than pouring a large glass of wine and relaxing in your jetted Master jacuzzi tub. Forget about making an appointment at a spa – you can get the same results right at home if your bathroom is designed to deliver not only function but pleasure as well. Even simple changes like replacing lighting fixtures and changing the paint color can bring an entirely new and fresh feel to a room that is currently drained of positive energy.


  1. Save Money on Utilities

That leaky sink is causing more trouble than you might realize. You’re not just spending cash on handyman and plumbing services, you’re also losing money on your monthly water bill. With bathroom renovations that include replacing your old systems with energy-efficient toilets and shower heads, you will save hundreds of dollars every year in energy bills. You’ll also be doing your part to reduce negative environmental effects by saving water.


So make room in your renovation budget because it’s time to get to work. Tear out those old countertops, get a stainless steel faucet and indulge in a walk-in shower. You’ve worked hard, and now it’s time to reward yourself with an updated bathroom fit for royalty.



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