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Save Money and Make Your Home More Efficient

If you start to notice that your home is unbearably hot or cold, you may have an insulation problem. Other red flags include high electric bills, cold walls, drafty rooms, and mold growth. Having the right amount of insulation in your home can save you money, reduce your energy costs, and make your house more comfortable and efficient. You can contact your electric company to have an energy evaluation done on your home. If you choose not to take advantage of this service, there are many do-it-yourself steps you can take to make your home more efficient.

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Are Bathroom Renovations Worth the Investment?

Whether you call it a “loo”, a “washroom” or a “bathroom”, you’re probably wondering when it’s time to renovate one of the most important rooms in your home. Maybe your bathroom is stuck in the last few decades and the peeling wallpaper is starting to bother you. Or perhaps you simply want to modernize your bathroom into a relaxing spa. Spending your home renovation budget dollars on a bathroom might not seem exciting, but once you know what a great return you’ll get for your bathroom renovations, it starts to make more sense.

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